Bretez project: archeology of soundscapes

by Mylène Pardoen, CNRS



The Bretez project is a virtual reconstruction of a district of Paris in the 18th century.

At the crossroads of art and science, this project uses heterography, a form of narrative modeling different materials: art, urban history, art history, IT and cognitive sciences. This project takes the Grand Châtelet district of Paris in the 18th century as a study area. Through digital reproduction, it aims to develop a new concept of a 5D model that can be declined. If the archeology of the soundscape offers the opportunity for a new approach to reading history, its complementary component - the 5D model - allows for exploration by simulation. The concept is based on 3D visual reproduction, to which are added the first person point of view and the sensory dimension of the sound reproduction. This work aims to experiment with new supports for the digital reproduction of modeled urban historical environments. The goal is to draw up a new media development matrix based on augmented reality and immersion.

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