Performances & Creations

Wednesday May 21 - 20:00
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Performances & Creations

IRM is an audiovisual performance by Bruno Ribeiro aka Noshita. IRM (french for MRI) refers to a medical imaging technique that provides 2D and 3D views of the interior of the human body. The artist aims to transform the Satosphere into a gigantic scanner.

He mixes video footage of a dancer with computer-generated sounds and graphics for a performance intended as a luminous and kinaesthetic choreography. By means of variations in scales and of sound and visual immersion allowed by the Satosphere, the spectators will be taken at the heart of a sensory experience where light becomes an abstract and musical body, flickering in an unstable universe.

Project supported within the FRIMAS 2014, launched by the Consulat général de France à Québec and the Institut français.



Bruno Ribeiro, aka Nohista (FR)


Bruno Ribeiro (aka Nohista) is a visual and sound artist. He works with image in the same way he would do with a musical instrument, and uses this approach in performances, installations, and for theatre and dance through various collaborations.

Ribeiro works on the physical aspect of sound, as well as on the concepts of perception and illusion to create immersive and sensory synesthetic landscapes where sound material becomes tangible. He is also a director, graphic designer and musician whose work has been featured at many international festivals in Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Poland.