Drichtel + Disorder

Performances & Creations

Wednesday May 30 - 19:00
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Drichtel + Disorder

Performances & Creations




An immersive sound performance, accompanied by spatial audio-reactive visuals. It is inspired by underwater life, feelings of oppression and anxiety in the face of a gigantic world that we discover little by little... The work is built using the movements of the performer who places sound and visual objects in the dome.

By Axel Hélie-Fontaine (Montreal).


An interactive and immersive dance performance by François Moncarey, Kevin Ramseier and Thomas Köppel. The piece features a dancer in the centre of the dome taking the position of a player in a third person video game. Through the experience, the public travels to the heart of the dancer’s memory, which is materialized live through 3D scans. The dancer then takes full control of the 360 environment and becomes the conductor of their own audiovisual space.

By François Moncarey (Geneva), Kevin Ramseier (Geneva) and Thomas Köppel (Geneva).


Axel Hélie-Fontaine - Audiokinetic (Montreal)


Coming from an electroacoustic background, Axel Helios made his teeth on the Montreal Techno scene. At the head of his own labels Shabu Recordings and, more recently, Heard Island, Axel pushes for sounds that defies the norm, while fully embracing the term «Leftfield» as a vast canvas for creation. Taking inspiration on different avenues like Lovecraft's imagery, the concept of the «soul within the machine» and nature's organic chaos, Axel tries to implement an invisible movie-like narrative to his material.

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François Moncarey (Geneva)
Kevin Ramseier (Geneva)
Thomas Köppel (Genève)