Performances / Créations

Friday June 2 - 20:00
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Performances / Créations


The goal of this composition is to explore interactive relationship among human body, electronic sound, and live-video. The performer controls numerous audio and visual parameters in real time, employing a pair of self-built sensor gloves, named Qgo. The gloves detect the distance between two hands and the tilt of each hand, and send these data wirelessly to a host computer, using XBee RF modules.

The host computer maps the received data onto the parameters of the software synthesizer and the video generating software, running on it. The mappings between the received data and the audiovisual parameters are not fixed; it varies gradually as the piece unfolds. The hardware of Qgo was designed and built by the composer during the period of artist in residence in ZKM, Karlsruhe in 2011. The project was supported by DAAD research grant for doctoral candidates.

By Chikashi Miyama (JP)

About the artist

Dr. Chikashi Miyama is a Japanese composer, software developer and performer. He received a Ph.D (composition) from University at Buffalo, New York and currently working as a software developer at Institue for Music and Acoustics, ZKM Karlsruhe, and teaching computer music at College of Music Cologne, Germany. His main focus is to unite physical-interface-based man-machine interaction with immersive audiovisual experiences.



Chikashi Miyama (JP)