Core + Interpolate

Performances / Créations

Wednesday May 31 - 20:00
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Core + Interpolate

Performances / Créations


CORE : Like an metaphorical core, the “CORE” immersive dance performance will feature two moving spaces nested in one another. The first, an external space, is based on a fixed installation of speakers, while the second rests on a mobile array of speakers and light. The on-stage choreography generates in turn not only soundscapes but also visual landscapes.

Lenght : 40 minutes

By Hervé Birolini (FR) and Aurore Gruel (FR)

About the artists

After a classical training, Aurore Gruel turns to contemporary dance while also studying philosophy. She develops a practice in which the body is engaged in a poetic act. Her instinctive, musical and reflective dance is a journey in which she nurtures a passion for paradox.

Hervé Birolini explores all the fields of sound. From concert pieces to installations, electroacoustic performances to stage or film music, radio art or mixed music. His fields of experimentation enrich each other and constantly challenge his role as a composer.

INTERPOLATE : Performance that incorporates live coding and generative processes to create an experience where visuals controls audio, and audio controls visuals. Minimal generative 3D geometry and particle systems take the audience through the music, conveying the physicality of the sound while mapping out the emotional landscape of the melodies.

Lenght : 45 minutes

By Push 1 stop (CA) and Woulg (CA)

About the artists

Gleefully muddying the waters between motion design, 3D and audio reactive visuals, Push 1 stop’s output has been incredibly varied. While each of her performances is poles apart from the next. Her live sets are invariably characterized by the build up of elegantly precise and complex narrative environments.

Woulg creates dark sonic landscapes disrupted by glitches that are equally likely to break into hypnotic pounding techno as they are to expand into ambient bubbles of texture ready to burst; reminding us that nothing lasts, that we should always expect the unexpected. His mind bending live sets explore these ideas while taking the crowd on an unpredictable journey.



Hervé Birolini (FR)
Aurore Gruel (FR)
Push 1 stop (CA)
Woulg (CA)