Artist talks

Saturday May 24 - 14:00
Espace SAT
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Artist talks

Meeting and discussion with William Young, Benjamin Gannaway & Jake Williams (UK) from RFID, presenting their artistic vision, novative techniques and their latest creations, including "Fragments", specially developed for the Symposium.

About Fragments

Fragments is an exploration of our relationship with memories. How recollected fragments are woven into an ever changing narrative, and emotionally charged events become managed as ordered information. What we remember as reality can be seen as a complex, interwoven construction of these partials and the stories they become.The piece is built around a series of audio interviews with subjects who recall significant past experiences, which have been heavily abstracted. Environmental elements referenced in the interviews are used to reconstruct these stories in a non-linear way - the narration only appearing clearly as momentary fragments, disappearing again into distorted disarray.




William Young, Benjamin Gannaway & Jake Williams (UK)


RFID is a project that was born from the festival circuit in the UK. The two founding members, Ben Gannaway and Will Young are both graduates of the Creative Music Technology BA program. This unique course focuses on cutting-edge sound design, avant-garde composition and digital art. Both members completed this course with a strong interest in audio-visual synesthesia. Historical research in fields such as cymatics seemed to offer an insight into underlying universal constructs, and emerging computer rendering techniques seemed for the first time to be offering genuine methods for simulating these systems and representing them in a way that they might be understood, and enjoyed.

Through some time spent at the Immersive Vision Theatre at the university’s Institute of Digital Arts and Technology, Gannaway and Young became interested in the ability of immersive environments to create powerful experiences and new perceptions of complex systems and began work building a software engine for digital performance in a dome environment. Although systems existed at the time for video playback, there seemed to be very little that would allow the performance of real-time generative art in a dome space, and this has formed the essence of RFID’s work since!