1024 Architecture

Artist talks

Thursday May 22 - 14:15
Espace SAT
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1024 Architecture

Artist talks

Meeting and discussion with Fernando Favier (sound designer for mutimedia devices) from 1024 Architecture, presenting their artistic vision, novative techniques and their latest creations, including "Quantum", specially developed for the Symposium.

Among 1024 architecture creations are the Cube for Etienne de Crécy, the V-Mirror for Vitalic, and more recently the design of his latest show, VTLZR. The company's projects merge architecture, image, sound and light to create devices that blur the frontiers between real and virtual spaces. Together, François and Frenando created two performances, Euphorie and Crise.

About Quantum

An immersive installation designed specifically for the Satosphere as a numerical singularity provoked by the clash of quark-pixels, the elementary particles also constituting imaginary components of major theories in the fields of physics and the cosmos.




Fernando Favier (FR)


Fernando Favier is self-taught, but studied philosophy briefly at university. He then decided to focus on concrete music, attending the Paris Conservatoire. Thinking of music as a fine art, he embarked upon many multimedia collaborations with Vincent Ravalec, Arthur H, Mike Ladd, and finally François Wunschel.

Together with 1024 architecture, they created two performances, “Euphorie” and "Crise". Fernando also participated in the sound design for several of their projects. He is a political activist and the co-founder of “Les insoumis-es” feminist movement, and he attempts to fit political reflections on his century in his artistic work as often as possible.