IFAA launch

Sharing & Thinking

Saturday May 24 - 13:30
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IFAA launch

Sharing & Thinking

Taking advantage of a virtual meeting with the Fulldome Festival in Jena, Germany, the SAT and its partners are proud to announce the creation
of the IFAA!

IFAA seeks to secure fulldome arts and entertainment as a viable medium and accelerate the widespread distribution of dome programming through a network of member venues.


IFAA is an open alliance welcoming all permanent and mobile fulldome venues and supporting organizations to build a collaborative network for the creation, distribution and/or touring of arts and entertainment experiences for digital domes. This network is also a platform for developing and funding collaborations in research, residencies, events and other projects involving rendered, real-time, generative, interactive, performance or multimedia arts for domes. IFAA aims to boost the creation of alternative programming, to galvanise support for artists and venues, and to facilitate democratisation of immersive media worldwide.


  • Facilitate identification of mutual opportunities for artists and for venues;
  • Improve cooperation and communication between content creators/producers and venue owners/operators;
  • Gather and maintain precise technical and operational information on venues to facilitate touring and show distribution within the network;
  • Help independent producers and artists to access these high-end venues;
  • Accelerate the planning and funding of projects, tours and shared residencies by facilitating multiple partners for financial support, grant proposals and sponsorships;
  • Foster the exchange of expertise and knowhow around fulldome artistic content production;
  • Facilitate the touring and distribution of realtime interactive immersive art works by contributing to standardization efforts for realtime systems;


Submit your organisation and join IFAA!

Founding members



Founded in 1996, the SAT is a non-profit organization that is recognized internationally for its active, vanguard role in developing immersive technologies, augmented reality and the creative use of high-speed networks. The SAT, with its dual function as a centre for arts and research, was created to support a new generation of creators and researchers in the digital age. SAT’s new instrument – the Satosphere – is the first permanent immersive theatre devoted to artistic creation, live preformances and visualization activities.

With its modular spherical screen that reach up to 230° x 360°, real-time creation capability and 39.4 audio channels, it is an open creation and diffusion space for videographers, sound designers, visual artists, architects, choreographers, performers, game designers and other content creators.


FullDome Festival (DE)


The annual FullDome-Festival at the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena is a key event for professionals and activists in the emerging field of 360-degree immersive multimedia productions. The purpose of the Festival is to showcase recent fulldome productions and to provide an open platform to promote the art, the business and the future of fulldome.

Now in its eighth year of existence, the festival has attracted thousands of visitors and gained international reputation. No other festival in the world has raised more prize money as a material reward for fulldome artists.




IMERSA in a non-profit organization with the mission to build an international community of professionals who create large-scale immersive digital experiences and to advance and promote the art and science of large-scale digital immersive media, fulldome, and immersive group experiences in digital planetariums, mobile domes, themed entertainment and giant screen theaters. IMERSA is a driver and nexus for communication, collaboration, experimentation, education and promotion of digital immersive media in a variety of venues, formats and functions.

IMERSA raises the profile and professionalism of its members. IMERSA bridges many disciplines, including research, art and technology. IMERSA serves as an indispensable resource and authority to the field by establishing and disseminating industry guidelines and standards. IMERSA advances the arts and science of the industry by uniting venue operators with creative communities, researchers and manufacturers through networking events. IMERSA fosters professional development of its members by providing educational resources and recognition of outstanding achievements.


California Academy of Sciences (US)


The California Academy of Sciences has a 160-year history of exploring, explaining, and sustaining life on our planet. In September 2008, the Academy reinvented itself in a new, LEED Platinum building in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park: the largest green building in the world open to the public and the only one to house a research institute, aquarium, natural history museum, and planetarium.

We have welcomed more than 8.5 million visitors since our re-opening, offering a venue for diverse audiences of all ages to explore and connect with the natural world and the scientists who study it. The Academy’s all-digital Morrison Planetarium seats 290 people under its 75-foot-diameter dome, and although the main focus of programming is science content, the institution has a long history of supporting arts-driven media both in and out of the dome.


Atmasfera 360 (UA)


ATMASFERA 360 is a new scientific-cultural-entertainment center in Kiev, Ukraine, where visitors can spend their time with friends and family. The unique spherical cinema is the ATMASFERA 360 centre of attraction. It is equipped with modern Fulldome.pro 4k digital projection system.

ATMASFERA 360 also works as an art venue for workshops, art exhibitions, festivals, concerts and other activities fitting the concept of ATMASFERA 360.


Bach Multimedia (US)


Bach Multimedia provides a plethora of services in Consulting, Project Management, and Art Production with an emphasis on immersive media specifically digital dome (fulldome) environments.

We provide installation of software and hardware, training for artists and producers in dome production techniques, curation and management for shows, as well as research project management.


Vortex Immersion Media (US)


Vortex Immersion Media (VIM) is a production, design and development company dedicated to delivering visionary immersive art and entertainment experiences. The company regularly produces experiences for Fortune 500 brands including EMC2, Microsoft, Nestle, NFL, Nike, Nokia and Sprint. The company co-develops original 360-degree theater and live visual music productions, and leads master planning for advanced themed entertainment attractions. VIM also operates the Vortex Dome, the first commercial immersive media production studio and events venue located in downtown Los Angeles.

The 15.2 meter digital dome provides a 3k seamless image and 5.1 audio driven by Vortex’s custom Dome Server featuring on-the-fly slicing of dome masters, drag and drop playback, real time video mixing, multi image display, and external sensor integration for interactive works. The venue regularly hosts fulldome arts and entertainment events in addition to TV and film shoots, concerts, symposiums, classes and an active Artist in Residence program.