Johnny Ranger

Artist talks

Thursday May 22 - 13:30
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Johnny Ranger

Artist talks

Meeting and discussion with Johnny Ranger, audiovisual artist working at the meeting point of video and design, presenting its artistic vision, innovative techniques and its latest immersive creations, including "Six Mil Antennas" and "Harmonielehre".

About Six Mil Antennas

Six mil Antennas is made distinguishable by a series of visual and audio surrealist codes reinventing communication processes in a fictitious setting that will take you through different imaginary states in a futurist timeframe. Through a series of events, the tale meanders freely between deconstructed gravity, aesthetic sensuality and satirical humor. 

The film creates non-linear narratives of a personal, social and political nature and expresses a complex intertwining multi verse, in which characters and abstract landscapes evolve. 

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Johnny Ranger (CA)


Johnny Ranger is a versatile video and design artist.

He divides his time between his own interdisciplinary creations involving unusual or multi-screen projections and collaborative projects with choreographers, directors, media art centers and design studios.