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Demos & Workshops

Friday May 23 - 14:30
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Workflows & Live performances

Demos & Workshops

Series of 5 demos-workshops around current practices in creating spherical visual content, as well as on processes for implementing and composing in real-time immersive canvasses. By Dominic St-Amant (CA), Joanie Lemercier (FR), Mary Franck (US), Joseph Fiola (CA), Benjamin Gannaway (UK) and William Young (UK).

Demos line-up

  • Dominic St-Amant
    CamSphere (After Effects template)
  • Joanie Lemercier
    PhotoRealist 3D workflow for fulldome production
  • Mary Franck
    Live performance with TouchDesigner
  • Joseph Fiola
    Live performance with Unity
  • Benjamin Gannaway & William Young
    Live performance with VVVV



Dominic St-Amant (CA)


In 2002, Dominic St-Amant creates Azile Films. Growing as an autodidact in the cinematographic production industry, he developed several technical skills. In 2008, he’s invited by the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] to develops production and diffusion tools for immersive environments.

After 5 years of R&D, he contributes to the creation of the Satosphere, where he’s now working on spherical productions and gives classes to the video artist’s community, while performing as a VJ artist on the pseudonym AZYL.

Joanie Lemercier (FR)


French visual artist Joanie Lemercier has a background in graphic design and first began experimenting with video projection as a VJ at clubs and festivals around Europe. Shortly after relocating to Bristol, UK in 2005, he began a series of experiments and studies exploring light and form: projections onto transparent materials, mapping onto 3d objects, stereoscopy, and other investigations into the aesthetic potential of geometry and light.

With three other visual artists from Europe, Joanie created the visual label AntiVJ in 2008 to produce and develop audio­visual projects, installations, architectural mappings and stage design. Projects from the label have since then been presented all over Europe, in Russia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, China and New Zealand in venues such as the Centre Pompidou (FR).

Mary Franck (US)


Mary Franck is a new media artist working in installation and performance. She creates visceral, contemplative experiences entwined and in contrast with contemporary digital technology. She uses video as character, set, and material, using projection and real-time video to imbue an object or tangible space with image and metaphor.

Franck holds a B.A. in Conceptual and Information Art from SFSU. Her thesis was “Everyone Intimate Alone Visibly,” an evening length performance examining intimacy and access which toured nationally, created in collaboration with LEVYdance. Her art has been presented at The Lab, the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, CounterPULSE, Z-Space, Joyce SoHo, Decibel Festival and other venues. She recently released Rouge, a live visuals tool and programming framework.

Mary Franck

Joseph Fiola (CA)


Joseph Fiola is a multidisciplinary audiovisual artist who specializes in real-time immersive performance. Inspired by the relationship between geometry and musical composition, his highly improvisational approach creates dynamic moments of visual and sonic interplay. In 2011, Joseph entered the world of visual creation for 360° domes when he studied immersive visuals at Montréal’s Société des arts technologiques [SAT]. His work DESSEINS:Sphères, featuring hand-drawn animation mapped onto 3D geometry, was selected for SAT Fest 2012. The work has since been presented at various international festivals, including the Jena FullDome Festival (DE), FullDome UK (UK) and ThinkTank (UK).

As well, Joseph performs live as VJ Zef and with the duo Zef & Santo at various events and festivals such as MUTEK and Igloofest. He has performed visuals with international musical artists Keith Fullerton Whitman, Clark, Demdike Stare, and Pole, among others.

Benjamin Gannaway et William Young (UK)


RFID is a project that was born from the festival circuit in the UK. The two founding members, Ben Gannaway and Will Young are both graduates of the Creative Music Technology BA program. This unique course focuses on cutting-edge sound design, avant-garde composition and digital art. Both members completed this course with a strong interest in audio-visual synesthesia. Historical research in fields such as cymatics seemed to offer an insight into underlying universal constructs, and emerging computer rendering techniques seemed for the first time to be offering genuine methods for simulating these systems and representing them in a way that they might be understood, and enjoyed.

Through some time spent at the Immersive Vision Theatre at the university’s Institute of Digital Arts and Technology, Gannaway and Young became interested in the ability of immersive environments to create powerful experiences and new perceptions of complex systems and began work building a software engine for digital performance in a dome environment. Although systems existed at the time for video playback, there seemed to be very little that would allow the performance of real-time generative art in a dome space, and this has formed the essence of RFID’s work since!