SOLD OUT - Sound spatialization in real time (Part 2)

Workshops (continued)

Friday May 31 - 13:30
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SOLD OUT - Sound spatialization in real time (Part 2)

Workshops (continued)

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About this workshop

This workshop proposes to learn how to create a sound spatialization environment in real time. Its goal is to give participants the autonomy of action according to the contexts of performance and immersive creation they may encounter in their practice, from a simple format made up of a few speakers, to a more complex 3D environment. The workshop will be based on the manipulation of the Ircam Spat5 library for Max Mspm, review the various spatialization methods it offers (ambisonics, vbap etc.), and allow participants to understand how to handle the objects and variables, through creating a functional patch for the Satosphère. The workshop also aims to introduce the creation process around 3D sound modeling with multichannel convolution, and will conceptually address the idea of a ​​"space bridge" being developed from Spat to TouchDesigner, used in a context of generative synthesis.

Required Material

Personal computer (ideal)
System: Windows, Mac OS
Required software : Max Msp
Level: beginner accepted


Éric Raynaud


Eric Raynaud, AKA Fraction, is a French music composer and digital art creative designer living in Paris whose work focuses on writing immersive experiences, like the well-received Dromos and Entropia. Along with releasing music on the Infiné label, his career follows a path in the field of digital arts and creation involving hybrid digital writing that associates visual, sound, and physical media. He’s especially interested in the experience of space, with sound matter as an essential component. He is the 2019 recipient of the IRCAM’s artistic residency program, in partnership with the SAT.