Surround and 3D sound

Demos & Workshops

Sunday May 25 - 14:30
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Surround and 3D sound

Demos & Workshops

Series of 5 demos-workshops that will showcase and contrast the different processes for producing «hyper spatial» sound, in interactive and 3D sound production, which can be at once the soundtrack and the basis for immersive works. By Xavier Buffoni (CA), Richard Flanagan (CA), Stefan Berke (DE), Olivier Rhéaume (CA) and Zach Settle (CA). 

Demos line-up

  • Xavier Buffoni
  • Richard Flanagan
    "Fract" - Video game
  • Stefan Berke
    Cymasonic / Modular Audio Graphics
  • Olivier Rhéaume
    Spatial audio tool set
  • Zach Settle
    3D audio tool set



Xavier Buffoni (CA)


Xavier Buffoni works as a software engineer for Audiokinetic since 2005. There, he participates to the development of the Wwise sound engine middleware, whose primary target is the videogame industry. He specialises in multiplatform software architecture and is responsible for research in digital signal processing.

He occasionally writes articles and gives lectures about various topics in Wwise, such as interactive music and HDR audio mixing. He also sometimes carries on audio programming consulting mandates for game companies.

He has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and makes electronic music in his spare time.

Richard Flanagan (CA)


Richard Flanagan is a designer based in Montreal with over a decade of experience in design, art direction, user experience & interface, motion, sound design and more.

It's video game FRACT was originally developed as a student prototype while studying game design at the University of Montreal. He continued working on it while looking for a job in the games industry, and submitted it on a whim to the Independent Games Festival. Much to his surprise, it was chosen to be part of the Student Showcase and went on to win the IGF Award for Best Student Game in 2011. He decided that he wanted to develop FRACT into a commercial release, so brought his wife Quynh Nguyen on board to make it happen, along with their programmer Henk Boom. The team was also fortunate enough to get support later in development from Indie Fund, which has helped them get to the finish line.

Stefan Berke (DE)


Stefan Berke, born in 1980 in Elsterwerda (Germany), has been working with computers since the early 90's, focussing on programming, electronic music and the creation of artistic content through algorithms. Since then, he has continuously extended his experience in musical composition, computer graphics, neural networks, animation and software design.

Since they met first 2009 in Jena, Jan Zehn and he are collaborating on a number of audio-visual projects. He's now living in Jena (Germany) running the audio-visual fulldome software Design & Production studio Modular Audio Graphics.

Olivier Rhéaume (CA)
Zach Settel (CA)


Keenly interested in the use of technology in music production/performance, with a BFA in music composition from the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Settel moved to Paris in 1986 to work in audio research and music creation at Institute for Research and the Coordination of Acoustics and Music (IRCAM). In 1997 Settel returned to North America, to pursue a doctoral degree in music composition the University of Montreal, where settel has been an associate professor for the past eight years, pursuing research and creation in 3D audio and spatial music interaction.

Over the past ten years, as an audio research director, researcher and creator, Settel has also been centrally involved at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], where he is currently focusing on 3D audio rendering techniques and spatial musical interaction creation.