Immersive experience tools and processes

Workshops & Masterclasses (AM - GROUP #1)

Friday June 1 - 10:30
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Immersive experience tools and processes

Workshops & Masterclasses (AM - GROUP #1)

In a spectacular paradigmatic shift, artists toolsets are becoming authoring tools for Reality. These are as complex to master as they are powerful in what they enable or challenge. This day’s track will compare the experience technologies for capture, authoring and distribution. It will also discuss the esthetic and ethical challenges facing those engaging in the creation process from all sides.

Workshops & Masterclass list :


This workshop will cover the basics of creating augmented reality experiences using openFrameworks. It will for example explore face tracking, looking at at different software approaches and at the kind of data / info we can get from it in real-time..

It will also explore device based AR with the ARkit as a platform. What does it mean to we have a microphone, speaker, screen and camera in 3D space and what kind of interactions can we create? We will dive into some of the math and technical details behind AR as well as explore the creative applications.

Suggested audience : People with at least some coding experience of basics in Processing / P5 and comfortable with object oriented programming. Open to creative coders.

By Zach Lieberman (New York)


Jean-Marc Jot (Magic Leap) and Jean-Pascal Beaudoin (Headspace Studio / Félix & Paul Studios) are both working at the forefront of immersive audio creativity and technology.

Jean-Marc will discuss audio workflow and creative tools for 6-DoF Mixed Reality content. Jean-Pascal Beaudoin will share his creative process on recent projects including a VR piece for Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs and talk about the role that sound plays in regard to immersion, presence, and storytelling in the new realities.

By Jean-Marc Jot (San Francisco) and Jean-Pascal Beaudoin (Montreal)


This workshop presents various technologies that are essential to artists who are “creators” of reality :

Haptics : Soon, it will be as unthinkable to leave out haptics as it would be to leave out sound in an immersive experience. Pioneers like D-BOX have invented the new art of movement and procedural sound by offering encoding systems that have become the standard of the multimedia industry. The adaptation of these approaches to the experience of immersion is another step in these developments that will be addressed in this workshop.

Capture : Vantrix’s stereoscopic cameras are among the most advanced in the world. Participants will learn more about how they work thanks to their designers.

Mapping : VYV is a world leader in real-time mapping. They will present their solutions and discuss developments related to the convergence of immersive experience technologies.

By Jean-François Ménard (Montreal), Olivier Palmieri (Montreal), Stephen Doherty (Montreal), Bruno Colpron (Montreal), Nicolas Pfeiffer (Montreal) and Étienne Grenier (Montreal).


R&D in the field of 3D sound and procedural audio is among the most active and advanced. It is giving birth to creation and dissemination tools of a new kind, which are revolutionizing practices and deeply transforming the sound space. This workshop, presented by pioneers in the field, will show the dizzying evolution of sound technologies with examples that illustrate their great contribution to the experience of immersion.

By Thalie Keklikian (Montreal), Nathan Harris (Montreal) and Thibault Carpentier (Paris).

Each pass holder (5 day or 1 day pass) will choose 2 workshops from the list (1 AM workshop + 1 PM workshop).


Zach Lieberman - Artist, researcher, hacker (New York)


Zach Lieberman is a prolific artist, researcher and hacker. As main developer andco-founders of openFrameworks, a c++ library for creative coding hi is one of the leading figure in digital art. Zach is currently working on the EyeWriter project, a lowcost/opensource hardware and software toolkit helping people with paraplegia to draw with their eyes. This station of the iX presents o collection of his recent works.

► See his website

Jean-Marc Jot - Magic Leap (San Fransisco)


Dr. Jean-Marc Jot is a Distinguished Fellow at Magic Leap, where he leads audio processing technology innovation. Prior to Magic Leap, he led audio processing R&D at DTS. Previously, with Creative Labs, he led the design and development of SoundBlaster audio processing algorithms and architectures, including OpenAL and EAX technologies for game 3D audio authoring and rendering. Before relocating to California in the late nineties, he conducted research at IRCAM in Paris, where he designed the IRCAM Spat software suite for spatial audio creation, performance, and virtual reality.

► See his LinkedIn

Jean-Pascal Beaudoin - Headspace Studio (Montreal)


Jean-Pascal is an immersive audio director and re-recording mixer for VR/AR/MR based in Montreal. With extensive experience in the world of audio post-production and driven by a combined passion for cinematic storytelling through sound and immersive audio technology, he established himself as a key pioneer in the emerging field of 3D positional audio for cinematic 360 videos and virtual reality.

Along with longtime collaborators Felix & Paul Studios, a recognized creative and technology leader in cinematic VR, he co-founded Headspace Studio, the first sound studio entirely focused on virtual reality content. In 2018, the studio expanded to Los Angeles.

With Headspace Studio, Jean-Pascal has worked with important partners on projects such as the Daytime Emmy® Award-winning Cirque du Soleil’s Inside the Box of Kurios, Jurassic World: Apatosaurus, the Primetime Emmy® Award-winning The People's House: Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama, Isle of Dogs: Behind the Scenes (in VR) directed by Wes Anderson, as well as Space Explorers, a VR series made in collaboration with NASA to be released Q2 2018.

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Jean-François Ménard - D-BOX Technologies (Montreal)


Jean-François Ménard directs a multidisciplinary R&D department, making ideas come to reality by providing innovative solutions to needs and issues. He holds a degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Sherbrooke. With over 20 years of experience in software design and product architecture, he contributes to his company by being a specialized generalist. He is currently working at D-BOX where he oversees all technological research and contributes to bringing a sensational motion feedback experience to the entertainment industry (movies and gaming).

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Thalie Keklikian - Audiokinetic (Montreal)


Thalie Keklikian is an electrical engineering graduate with a masters in general-purpose GPU computation. After optimizing image processing algorithms on GPU, she is now part of the Audiokinetic Research and Development team, implementing spatial audio solutions. Thalie enjoys gaming (from boardgames to live streaming on Twitch) and DIY projects like crafting her own cosplays.

► See her LinkedIn

Nathan Harris - Audiokinetic (Montreal)


Nathan Harris graduated with a degree in computer science from the University of British Columbia, and with no delay launched into a career that combined his passion for music and his aptitude as a programmer - developing audio in the video game industry.

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Thibault Carpentier - IRCAM (Paris)


Thibaut Carpentier is a R&D engineer at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique), and CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research). His work is focused on spatial audio, artificial reverberation, and compositional tools for 3D audio. In recent years, he has been responsible for the development of Ircam Spat, he created the Panoramix 3D mixing workstation, and he contributed to the conception and implementation of a 350-loudspeaker array for holophonic sound reproduction in Ircam's concert hall.

Étienne Grenier


Etienne Grenier is a digital artist and educator who worked as a technical multimedia consultant for many years on scenographic designs. He is now acting as a technical communicator and trainer for VYV, where he is currently engaged in the final production phase of TACHYON, the company’s upcoming software product.

Nicolas Pfeiffer - VYV (Montréal)


Trained in Film School, Nicolas obtained a Master's degree cum laude in Multimedia 2d animation and special effects at l'Institut des Arts de Diffusions [IAD] (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium). He joined VYV in 2011 to work on international projects. Today Senior Photon Specialist & UX Designer, he contributes to the improvement of vyv’s softwares and the creation of new tools as well as training and documentation. Evolving in artistic circles for many years, Nicolas seeks to bridge the gap between Technologies and Digital Arts.