Noctambule + Nascent

Performances & Creations

Thursday May 31 - 20:30
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Noctambule + Nascent

Performances & Creations




Wearecolorful is the result of a collaboration between two French artists, Oilhack and Thomas Blanchard, who have brought together artistic sensibility and new technologies, and whose work is mainly based on observation. Using video as their media, they use macrophotography techniques to capture their compositions, offering the eyes a convergence of fluids and materials, creating an almost palpable immersion within the microcosmos.

With Noctambule, Oilhack invites the audience to share his vision of a dreamlike world. He opens up the doors of an unknown dimension and lets the imagination take over so that every person discovers and creates their own dream. A quest for beauty, wanderings for the senses, Noctambule is a playful getaway, heads in the clouds.

By Oilhack (Lyon), TSF (Lyon) and Marie-Michèle Beausoleil (Montreal).


NAscent is a collaborative work, which aims at creating an immersive sonic experience while setting into play the relationship between hypercomposition, performance and spatialisation. Presented as an immersive audio musical performance, it finds its full value when displayed on a 3D audio rig, on which the dense layering employed to create a hypercomposition can be mapped in the auditory space.

The audio system will also reinforce the translation of motion and kinetic energy into musical gestures, as it will be part of the main focus of the aesthetics of NAscent.

By Vergil Sharkya (Montreal) and Push 1 stop (Montreal)


Vergil Sharkya (Montreal)
Push 1 stop (Montreal)
Oilhack (Lyon)
TSF (Lyon)
Marie-Michèle Beausoleil (Montreal)