From VR to Comic Books (Part 2)

Workshops (continued)

Friday May 31 - 13:30
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From VR to Comic Books (Part 2)

Workshops (continued)

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About this workshop

This workshop is for creative people and artists with some experience with virtual reality devices and Unity3D .

How to draw a comic without drawing? The objective of this workshop, through a presentation and guided practical exercises, is to introduce the participants to the creation of 3D / 2D assets directly in VR using design-drawing tools such as Oculus Quill, Medium, Gravity Sketch and Tvori for integration into SAMA, an experimental VR creation project created with Unity3D. Participants will use SAMA as a template to create 2D captures that will be used to build a collection of strips at the end of the workshop.

Workshop plan

  • Introduction to VR Creation Tools (Oculus Quill, Medium, Gravity Sketch and Tvori)
  • Creation and preparation of 3D assets in VR for integration into Unity3D
  • Online resources and a brief introduction to photogrammetry

Lunch break

  • Introduction to the Unity3D game engine
  • Integration of packages and 3D assets in Unity3D
  • Export the VR project as an executable file
  • Putting into practice and exports of captures
  • Discussion on the creative potential of new XR tools

Required material

Participants must provide their own laptop (PC VR compatible if possible) with Unity3D version 2018.3.8f1 and the Oculus application installed. A 3-button mouse is highly recommended.

Required level

Beginner and intermediate level with VR and Unity3D.


Alexandre Girardeau


Alexandre Girardeau fell in love with image-making when he was gifted a Polaroid camera at 7 years old while growing up in Chalon-sur-Saône, France, the birthplace of photography. Its ongoing experimentation with capturing the world through the medium as well as new media arts has evolved into its passion for virtual reality.