Swarming dome - Immersive environment in mixed reality (Part 2)

Workshops (continued)

Thursday May 30 - 13:30
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Swarming dome - Immersive environment in mixed reality (Part 2)

Workshops (continued)

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About this workshop

A playful journey into the creative and expressive potential of intermixed virtual reality environments.
In this workshop we will experiment with an intermixed reality set-up, that extends the immersive fulldome environment into the physical space of the dome architecture.
What happens to our perception, when the virtual scenery goes beyond the physical border of the dome, leaving the projection surface behind, criss-crossing the real space as augmented mixed-reality layers on the screens of our smart-phones?

What types of presence and which states of immersion can be mediated?

Within a provided technological framework, the participants will have the opportunity to compose their own Virtual Reality scenarios, involving 3D image and audio media assets.

In a playful and creative way, the technical and artistic potentials of immersive media technologies will be investigated and the dome’s projection surface will be explored as a permeable membrane.

Main objectives of the workshop:

To research playfully the perception of immersion, within a complex immersive media set-up, intermixing the fulldome environment with mixed reality layers.

To become familiarized with the concepts of AR and fulldome VR environments and to further gain experimental knowledge on the expressiveness of immersive media technologies.

Required material

Bring your smart-phone or tablet (min req. OS: Iphone 6s / Android: Samsung Galaxy 6)


Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of computer handling

Basic knowledge of Virtual 3D environments (software, game engines, navigation, animation, virtual space) and the fulldome as a media-format are an asset, but is not required.


Martin Kusch


Martin Kusch is an interdisciplinary artist, Senior Artist, Artistic Researcher, Assistant Professor and Director of the Fulldome/VR/AR lab at the Department of Digital Arts, University for Applied Arts, Vienna. He is founder and artistic co-director of the media performance group kondition pluriel. Living and working in Vienna and Montreal, Martin is particularly interested in the transformation processes of the electronic media inside performative contexts, and on how digital technologies influence our perception of the body and space. For the last ten years he has been deeply involved into the artistic research and creation processes of immersive media, virtual and augmented reality environments. His works have been presented at numerous festivals and institutions, such as: Ars Electronica (Linz), ISEA (Nagoya, Helsinki and Essen), ZKM (Karlsruhe), RobotLove (Eindhoven), F.I.N.D (Montreal), La Menagerie de Verre (Paris), Itau Cultural (Sao Paulo), Transmediale (Berlin), CYNETart (Dresden), EMPAC (Troy), MAK (Vienna).


Johannes Hucek


Johannes Hucek finished his studies in Digital Arts at the University
 of Applied Arts Vienna and works as artist and programmer primarly
in real time environments. His focus is on interactive installations as well as theater and performance. He worked in different theaters (such as Schauspielhaus Wien, Schubert Theater Wien, Schauspielhaus Graz ...) and is working close with the media perfomance group kondition pluriel and the department for Digital Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna. His recent works lead him into mixed reality environments, multi narrativity and co-evolutionary systems.