PRACTICABLE - Keynote by Samuel Bianchini


Thursday May 30 - 9:30
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PRACTICABLE - Keynote by Samuel Bianchini


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PRACTICABLE Artwork as a playground

Practicable - From Participation to Interaction in Contemporary Art ; from this work published by Samuel Bianchini and Erik Verhagen at MIT Press, how can we revisit the notion of “Practicable” which, in French, is also a noun, meaning the physical medium in which action can take place in theatre or sport? How can we consider as a “playground” artwork involving the physical participation of its public? How can we consider artwork as a catalyst, established based on a set of practical, aesthetic and conceptual practices that we can play – like an instrument – with which we can measure ourselves – like in a game – where it is a matter of experiencing, perhaps even being challenged, to possibly beat them?

Keynote presenter

Samuel Bianchini


Samuel Bianchini is an artist and lecturer accredited to supervise research at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD - PSL University, Paris) where he leads the Reflective Interaction research group at EnsadLab (EnsAD’s laboratory), and is also co-director of the Chaire Arts and Sciences, founded with the École Polytechnique and the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation. Through these practical experiences, his publications, and his commitment to the development of research-creation, Samuel Bianchini supports the “operational aesthetic” principle by considering his artistic, societal and environmental implications.