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Friday May 31 - 20:00
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360° shows

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An immersive audiovisual live

Image projection and ultra-synchronized soundtrack. During the live, the evolution of pixels, textures, shapes and sounds will tell a story. The story of an abstract living organism, going through different stages of existence, from birth to death. This abstract system is a clear parallel to the human nature and the world we live in.


Antoine De Schuyter


Brussels-based artist initially specialized in printed images and serigraphy, Antoine de Schuyter is passionate about motion design, video world and sound. Through his training, he apprehends video as he does with matters and inks in screen printing and painting, manipulating it and pushing it to its limits. The audio side being essential in his video works, he learns to manipulate and produce sounds. In 2012, he founded “about:blank”, in collaboration with the artist Kate Wintjes. This project is dedicated to the confrontation and hyper synchronization of sound and image but also to explore the digital video by manipulating its most basic element, the pixel. Since 2017, his artistic works is focused on audiovisual installations and A/V Performances, confronting space, sound, light and matter.