Audiokinetic, major sponsor of the iX Symposium since 2016

The iX Symposium is proud to continue a prestigious partnership with Audiokinetic that started in the early days of iX. This pioneer in real-time sound mixing for video games is doing us the honor to combine their knowledge to SAT’s expertise for creating deeper sound experiences.

This year, Audiokinetic will once again actively participate in the iX symposium. They will present the fascinating workshop about Immersive Soundscapes on June 1st, with two of its researchers Thalie Keklikian and Nathan Harris, a workshop that focuses on the revolution of sound composition! (More information below)

Also, note that the immersive and audioreactive performance Drichtel that’ll be shown on May 30th in the Satosphere is an artwork by Axel Hélie-Fontaine, also researcher at Audiokinetic. The show is inspired by underwater life from which atmosphere is built by sound objects designed by the performer.

Immersive sound landscape – Workshop by Thalie Keklikian, Nathan Harris (Audiokinetic) (with Thibault Carpentier (IRCAM)) – June 1st

R&D in the field of 3D sound and procedural audio is among the most active and advanced. It is giving birth to creation and dissemination tools of a new kind, which are revolutionizing practices and deeply transforming the sound space. This workshop, presented by pioneers in the field, will show the dizzying evolution of sound technologies with examples that illustrate their great contribution to the experience of immersion.

Thalie Keklikian

Thalie Keklikian is an electrical engineering graduate with a masters in general-purpose GPU computation. After optimizing image processing algorithms on GPU, she is now part of the Audiokinetic Research and Development team, implementing spatial audio solutions. Thalie enjoys gaming (from boardgames to live streaming on Twitch) and DIY projects like crafting her own cosplays.
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Nathan Harris

Nathan Harris graduated with a degree in computer science from the University of British Columbia, and with no delay launched into a career that combined his passion for music and his aptitude as a programmer - developing audio in the video game industry.
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