ABOUT iX Symposium

In 2014, Montreal’s Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) created iX, an annual symposium on Immersive eXperience.* Artists, researchers, developers, producers and digital enthusiasts from around the world are invited to share their knowledge on the subject for five days at the SAT. Focused on exchange and learning, the iX Symposium program consists of lectures, workshops, demonstrations, dome shows (in the Satosphere) and hybrid works that can be discovered in the Parcours iX. The theme of the 2018 edition is The Conquest of Reality, and it will run from May 29 to June 2, 2018 at the SAT.

This year, the iX Symposium is proud to have Bruno Guglielminetti as a spokesperson! The former Radio-Canada host and long-time specialist in new technologies is also a remarkable pedagogue and disseminator of digital news. During the week of the symposium, he will host the Radio iX, an immersive radio show that listeners can tune into with a virtual reality headset or a screen. Throughout the show, various iX participants will be invited to take part!


The reality that we are living in is changing: soon, 360°computer screens, augmented reality in cities, and virtual reality glasses in hospitals will be part of everyday life. On the industry side, we are witnessing a real race between the platforms that develop and propose alternative realities. Add to that advances in sensory enhancement, artificial intelligence, immersive computing, and cloud computing, all radically transforming the world we have always known.

“Reality” in every sense of the word is gaining depth and complexity, expanding the spatio-temporal horizon, disrupting our world views and habits. The boundary between reality and virtuality is increasingly blurred; the possible habitable worlds are multiplying; and our perceptions are expanding. In the face of this multi-faceted new reality, we want to understand, experience, and know how it will change our habits, but we also want to play a part in its creation.

This is why the 5th edition of the iX Symposium has chosen the theme Conquest of Reality. It will take place from May 29 to June 2, 2018 at the Société des arts technologiques

What is immersive experience ?

Immersive experience brings together the technologies that literally transport us into parallel worlds. Domes, virtual reality glasses, augmented reality or the immersive web are all tools that allow us to feel teleported into new worlds and that play with our senses.

What is the point of immersive experience?
First, we should mention that basically, humans are permanently immersed in the world around them. But what is fascinating about these new worlds is that they are totally created by humans, that they can allow us to live new experiences, and that they make us understand the world differently.

Where are we at today?
We are in a transition period: these technologies are in perpetual evolution, and some are still only prototypes. The limit between the physical and virtual worlds is bound to disappear to one day reach total transparency. And these new technologies are building the daily life of everyone’s tomorrow.

Thoughts from the SAT
At the SAT, we believe that living and developing the immersive experience while exploring these worlds allows us to deepen our perception of the world around us. However, it is our duty as experts to provide direction for this evolution and these changes by offering a space of exchange that takes the form of a playground between creators, researchers and spectators.


Every year, iX welcomes artists, designers, researchers, developers, producers, and all those who are curious and passionate about immersive experiences. For this vibrant community, iX is where the latest hardware, creative workflows and distribution platforms meet seasoned innovators and talented creators.

The iX program is open and participatory, with an emphasis on workshops, demonstrations, lightning talks and premieres of groundbreaking artworks in the Satosphere (SAT’s state of the art large dome), the XR Sensorium and the neighbouring public spaces. These are all exemplary of the best practices in the immersive experiences creation and distribution ecosystem. iX 2018 participants will be invited to learn and teach one another, and to collectively forge the agenda for the medium of our time and spin its development.


Including (every day) a series of workshops, panels, artist presentations and immersive experiences.


The increasing interoperability of interactive and playable interfaces, internet of things, cloud computing and neural networks based AI is transform the experience of immersion in all living spaces of the physical and virtual realms. Artists, developers, experience designers and philosophers will discuss the opportunities and traps of ambient intelligence and see how it can reframe the debates on the balance of power between human and machine intelligence. They will look into ambient intelligence as a factor in the rise of engaging experience spaces and of a relational collective intelligence?


From creative avatars to photorealistic real-time capture of participants, how does a participant’s representation in shared virtual sessions affects his/her sense of self and impact on his/her social behaviour. What is the value of bearing a consistent social image between the different folds of the experience of the real? How do augmented physical and virtual environments contribute in curating social behavior? Capture technologies and social VR/AR experiments will be looked at in the context their usefulness in enhancing relationships, cooperation and collaborations towards greater social and environmental challenges.


In a spectacular paradigmatic shift, artists toolsets are becoming authoring tools for Reality. These are as complex to master as they are powerful in what they enable or challenge. This day’s track will compare the experience technologies for capture, authoring and distribution. It will also discuss the esthetic and ethical challenges facing those engaging in the creation process from all sides.


Through an assortment of personal immersive devices, the ix Path showcases several mesmerizing pieces, contextual explorations and recent interactive games that will excite your eyes and make your eardrums pulse, and above all make you travel momentarily to alternative realities.

A brunch specially prepared for the occasion will close the symposium in style at the Foodlab !


A pioneer of technological arts in Quebec founded in 1996, the SAT is a unique gathering place that invites artists, researchers, professionals and digital enthusiasts to explore their 360°senses through its expertise, spaces, and artistic programming. The SAT includes a space for artist residencies (Labodôme), a research laboratory (Métalab), a training centre (Campus SAT), theatres including its famous Statosphere dome for artistic creations, as well as a restaurant (the Labo culinaire - Foodlab)!

Today, it is internationally renowned for its active pioneering role in the development of immersive technologies (dome, virtual reality, etc.), interactivity and the creative use of very high speed networks (especially in telepresence).

With the aim to create tangible, all-encompassing audiovisual experiences, the Satosphere is the first permanent immersive theatre devoted to artistic development. The dome, which puts the audience at the center of the works, forms a 360-degree spherical projection screen that can accommodate up to 350 spectators.

  • Modular configuration : 180°, 210° and 230° vertically, by 360°
  • 18m diameter / 13m high
  • 8 video projectors / 157 speakers