Presence in a multifold metaverse

Workshops & Masterclasses (AM - GROUP #1)

Thursday May 31 - 10:30
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Presence in a multifold metaverse

Workshops & Masterclasses (AM - GROUP #1)

From creative avatars to photorealistic real-time capture of participants, how does a participant’s representation in shared virtual sessions affects his/her sense of self and impact on his/her social behaviour. What is the value of bearing a consistent social image between the different folds of the experience of the real? How do augmented physical and virtual environments contribute in curating social behavior? Capture technologies and social VR/AR experiments will be looked at in the context their usefulness in enhancing relationships, cooperation and collaborations towards greater social and environmental challenges.

Workshops & Masterclass list :


Decentraland is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain and owned by its inhabitants. In this workshop you'll get started building static VR-compatible scenes with the Decentraland SDK and link your scene to Decentraland via Ethereum.

Bring a laptop with dev tools installed: Python 2.7.14, Node 8, and IPFS. You will need a basic functional understanding of how to work with Github.

By Trevor Waldorf (US)


From creative avatars to photorealistic real-time capture of participants, how does a participant’s representation in shared virtual sessions affects his/her sense of self and impact on his/her social behaviour. What is the value of bearing a consistent social image between the different folds of the experience of the real? These approaches will be compared and discussed for their impact on self esteem and conversational fluidity. In parallel, we will see how a head scan can impact on the realism of an ambisonic sound experience.

By Antti Vanne (FI) and Éric Paré (CA)


In this workshop, participants will learn about the similarities and differences in VR and cinematic virtual reality (CVR). We will show how sense of presence is constituted in VR and CVR, and how experiences in VR and CVR affect users’ attitudes. The workshop includes short talks, demos and audience participation. We will show two demos, one CVR, and one based on digital models.

By Andrea Stevenson Won (US) and Tanja Aitamurto (US).


MasterpieceVR is a collaborative sculpting and painting tool allowing users to easily create 3D content in virtual reality. This workshop in SAT’s dome will offer a unique opportunity to get familiar with the tool and processes for immersive sketching with the people that have developed the platform.

By Jonathan Gagné (CA)

Each pass holder (5 day or 1 day pass) will choose 2 workshops from the list (1 AM workshop + 1 PM workshop).


Trevor Waldorf - Decentraland (US)


Trevor is a designer and entrepreneur from Alaska. After building a design company in Berlin, Germany, Trevor worked on XR products in the aviation, construction, and wine industries before joining the team at Decentraland to build the metaverse.

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Antti Vanne - IDA Audio (FI)


Antti Vanne is the CEO and co-founder of IDA, a company bringing personal 3d audio to any pair of headphones. He started his career simulating ultrasound for medical applications but being passionate about music tuned this expertise for audio frequencies and developed a way to create personal acoustic profiles with the IDA team. Vanne wants to bring this holy grail in headphone listening available for everyone and every application.

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Andrea Stevenson Won - Cornell University (US)


Andrea Stevenson Won directs the Virtual Embodiment Lab in Cornell University's Department of Communication. The lab's research focuses on how mediated experiences change people’s perceptions, especially in immersive media. Research areas include the clinical applications of virtual reality, and how nonverbal behavior as rendered in virtual environments affects collaboration and teamwork. Andrea Stevenson Won completed her PhD in the Virtual Human Interaction Lab in the Department of Communication at Stanford University. She also holds an MS in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Kansas.

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Tanja Aitamurto - Stanford University (US)


Tanja Aitamurto, PhD, is a postdoctoral scholar at the Crowdsourced Democracy Team at the School of Engineering at Stanford. Tanja examines, designs, and deploys new media technologies for informing, empowering, and connecting people. She studies the impact of new media technologies on people's behavior and society. These technologies include crowdsourcing, virtual and augmented reality, and artificial intelligence applied in journalism and democratic processes. Her work has received several awards and has been published in highly-ranked academic venues such as the New Media & Society , Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) and Computer-Supported Collaborative Work and Social Computing (CSCW). She has attended meetings and given talks about her research at the White House, the United Nations, OECD, the Council of Europe and in several Parliaments and Governments.

In her projects, Tanja often collaborates on in-the-wild experiments with media organizations and local and national governments. Prior to returning to academia, Tanja worked as a journalist specializing in military and defense, reporting in countries such as Afghanistan, Angola, and Uganda. She also covered technology at VentureBeat, a Silicon Valley -based tech blog.

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Jonathan Gagné - MasterpieceVR (CA)


Jonathan Gagne’s mission is to give all people the powerful ability to effortlessly transform their thoughts into 3D models and imagery. As CEO of MasterpieceVR, he is leading an exceptionally bright team specializing in visual arts, machine learning, and virtual reality to make this mission a reality.

After graduating from his 3rd degree at the top of the university for academic achievement, he went on to receive the top research award during his graduate studies at University of Waterloo in machine learning and the VR-related area of motion capture./

His leadership experience spans 15 years from working with the Prime Minister’s Office to projects with secret clearance. Today, his venture-backed startup is currently the highest user rated in its space worldwide and is hyper focused on enabling effortless 3D content creation for all people.

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