About the Symposium



The focus of this year’s IX is sound, video’s essential and often overlooked companion for creating convincing immersive experiences. Subjects covered include spatial capture, procedural audio, virtual acoustics and 3D listening. That being said, the exciting developments in spherical stereo image capture, head-mounted displays and mapping solutions, as well as the exemplary creative achievements in the field of immersive artistic experiences, interactive design and gaming will not be overlooked.

Like previous editions, IX welcomes artists, designers, researchers, developers, producers and all those who are curious and passionate about immersive experiences as a medium. For this vibrant community, IX is where the latest hardware and creative processes are brought in the hands of seasoned innovators and talented creators.

This year’s program is more participative, with an emphasis on workshops, demonstrations and groundbreaking artwork premieres. They will all demonstrate exemplary practices for creating immersive sound and cross-platform imagery, the bases of the immersive experience ecosystem. IX 2016 participants will be encouraged to teach and learn from one another, and to collectively shape the agenda of our times’ medium, so as to direct its next developments.


Spherical capture, ambisonics & Spatial capture
Day's workshops presented by Jean-Yves Münch (CA)

The world surrounding us is not only immersive but also rich and in very high resolution. The 3D capture of sound and images poses major challenges for which solutions are emerging. Recent developments in ambisonic recording, in computer listening, in photogrammetry and in spherical stereoscopic video will be presented in the context of demos and workshops.

Procedural audio & Immersive scenes
Day's workshops presented by Zack Settle (CA)

The limitless imagination of world builders is now inviting us into living environments within which one can move around and live through strong experiences. Real time world building requires an adjustment not only of the the creation tools but also of the compositional approaches. The elaboration of credible audio and visual spaces able to adapt instantly to the position, movements and behaviours of visitors will be the object of demonstrations and workshops in procedural audio and immersive scene construction.

Virtual acoustics & Augmented experiences
Day's workshops presented by Erick Lyon (US)

The technologies enabling the interpenetration of physical and virtual spaces for an enriched experience of the world present opportunities defying imagination. Be it for the capacity to virtually reproduce the acoustics of physical spaces or to superimpose layers of virtual information on physical spaces, world builders have the means today to explode the limits of experience. A variety of sensory immersive installations and devices ranging from domes to head mounted displays and orientation tracking headphones will be presented in the context of demos and workshops.

3D sound systems & Mapping approaches
Day's topic & workshops presented by Luc Martinez (FR)

With the exceptional quality of the recent sound and image rendering technologies, this last day of the symposium will highlight the artistic challenges that come with a new compositional paradigm. How do we connect to things learned from decades of spatial audio composition with the radically new approaches allowed by real-time technologies? How are visually driven artists adapting their skills to unpredictable visitor behaviour or to the experience of the persistent worlds the we are now invited in?


Founded in 1996, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is a transdisciplinary center for research, creation, production, training and dissemination dedicated to developing and conserving digital culture. North America’s first Living Lab, the SAT specializes in immersive environments, the use of high-speed networks and
experience design.

With the aim to create tangible, all-encompassing audiovisual experiences, the Satosphere is the first permanent immersive theatre devoted to artistic development. The dome, which puts the audience at the centre of the works, forms a 360-degree spherical projection screen that can accommodate up to 350 spectators.

  • Modular configuration : 180°, 210° and 230° vertically, by 360°
  • 18m diameter / 13m high
  • 8 video projectors / 157 speakers